AllSome Dock allows you to monitor your storage inventory.

There are several different reports that you can generate and download through AllSome:

  1. Inventory: The total inventory in AllSome facilities (by month). 
  2. Check In: The total check-in of inventory into AllSome facilities (by month). 
  3. Check Out: The total check-out of inventory handled by AllSome (by month).
  4. Replenishment Report: The SKU and quantity that need to replenish based on the sold orders.

Export Inventory, Check In & Check Out Report

Step 1: Login

Log onto AllSome Dock by entering your username, password and security code (show in the image) at:

After login, you can navigate from (Left) Navigation > Report > Inventory or click on this link.

Step 2: Enter the date

Enter the first date of the month-year that you wish to have the report.

For example, if you want the report for May-2020, then enter "2020-05-01".

Step 3: Choose the report type

Then, click on Create button.

The report should start downloading automatically.

Export Replenishment Report

This report is especially useful for online sellers who are running pre-orders and/or dropshipping business models. To generate an accurate replenishment report, all platform orders (orders you have sold through different e-commerce platforms) will need to be synced into AllSome Dock first.

Step 2: Choose the order date range


Step 3: Choose the warehouse

Your inventory might be stored in different AllSome facilities, choose the warehouse you wish to replenish to. 

Step 4: Choose the platform and store

Then, click on Generate Report button.

The report should start downloading automatically.

If you have encountered any difficulty in creating inbound, please notify your Key Account Manager or submit a ticket by clicking on New Support Ticket button above.

Thank you.