For e-commerce platforms that AllSome has integrated, orders will be synced and fulfilled automatically based on planned logic. There are times you accept orders through multiple channel, such as offline channel, you can instruct AllSome to ship out the order to your buyer by creating fulfillment order.

Please follow steps below to create fulfillment order, AllSome will fulfill within next working day.

Step 1: Login

Log onto AllSome Dock by entering your username, password and security code (show in the image) at:

After login, you can navigate from (Left) Navigation > Orders > Place Order

Step 2: Choose item

Warehouse #: It shows the warehouse that you are looking at and it will show corresponding inventory quantity under Qty column.

Tick the corresponding SKU(s) that you would like AllSome to pick & pack and ship to your buyer.

Step 3: Enter corresponding quantity for each item

For ticked items, they will appear below. Enter corresponding quantity for the item.

In case you have selected the wrong item, you can remove it by clicking on the corresponding Delete button at the end of the row.

Step 4: Enter recipient address

Next, enter the recipient information. Fields marked with * are mandatory and must be filled.

After ensuring all enter recipient information is created, click on Create Order button.


The created fulfillment order can be found at: (Left) Navigation > Orders > Fulfilling Orders

You can click on View button on corresponding order to check.

In case you want to delete the order, you can click on Delete button.

After AllSome has fulfilled the order, you can track the order at: (Left) Navigation > Shipped > Forward Order.

If you have encountered any difficulty in creating the account, please notify your Key Account Manager or submit a ticket by clicking on New Support Ticket button above.

Thank you.