Now, you're ready to send inventory to AllSome facility!

Note: When you send inventory to AllSome facility, please kindly enter "AllSome - <Your Name>" so that we can identify your parcels upon receiving them.

Please kindly submit incoming at least two days prior inventory arrival in AllSome facility. We recommend you to create incoming once you have shipped the inventory.

Please follow steps below to create product profile

Step 1: Login

Log onto AllSome Dock by entering your username, password and security code (show in the image) at:

After login, you can navigate from (Left) Navigation > Warehouse > Create Incoming

Step 2: Create incoming

Fill up all the required fields and click on Create Order button.

Note: Please enter a meaningful batch title, it can be helpful for your future recall purpose.

Step 3: Enter incoming item details

You will be navigated to a new page. Enter the items that you're sending to AllSome facility.

Enter the SKU of the item under Database SKU and other information will be populated.

Enter the correct quantity, then click on Submit Item.

Enter all items (SKUs) using the same way. In case you have submitted the wrong information, you can also click on Delete button.


All created incoming can be managed at (Left) Navigation > Warehouse > Manage Incoming.

AllSome is now ready to receive your inventory. 

AllSome operating hours for accepting inbound:

Mon-Fri, 10AM - 5PM

(Sat & Sun, Public Holiday: Close)

Once the inventory has been inbounded, AllSome will cross check the quantity and reach you if encountered any difference or issue.

Then, inventory will be checked-in, tag with AllSome unique barcode and store securely in AllSome facilities.

The inventory can then be monitored online. You can check out this article to learn more:

If you have encountered any difficulty in creating inbound, please notify your Key Account Manager or submit a ticket by clicking on New Support Ticket button above.

Thank you.