Thank you for choosing AllSome as your fulfillment teams. In this article, you can learn more the turnaround times for fulfillment procedures.


AllSome Operating Hours

Monday to Friday, 10AM to 5PM

Saturday & Sunday, Public Holiday: Closed


Pre-shipment of Inventory to AllSome Facilities

  • Create product profile(s) by following this article: Click here
  • Create incoming into AllSome Dock 3 days before the inventory arrived at AllSome facilities by following this article: Click here 

(If there is any issue, feel free to contact your Key Account Manager)


Receiving Inventory into AllSome Facilities (Inbound)

SLA: 2-5 business days

  • Once inventory has been offloaded, AllSome will cross check the carton quantity.
  • Then, SKU quantity will be cross checked based on the created incoming. This step will only take place when incoming has been created.
  • Inventory will be checked-in and monitor through AllSome Dock system.

Note: Usually the check-in can be done within 1 business day. However, depends on the quantity and the complexity involved, it may take up to 5 business days.


Pick & Pack B2C E-commerce Orders

SLA: 1 business day

  • Paid e-commerce orders will be synced to AllSome at 9AM Malaysia Time.
  • Orders with ready inventory will be queued for fulfillment.
  • Packed orders will be ready to be handover over to delivery partners.

Note: There are situations where the delivery partner is unable to pick up on time, which may cause delay of 1 business day.

Pick & Pack B2B Orders

SLA: 3 business day

  • Fulfillment order(s) must be placed by 9AM Malaysia Time.
  • Packed orders will be ready to be handover over to delivery partners.
  • If the delivery will not be done by AllSome delivery partner, sender must coordinate with:
    • Provide document at least 1 working day before the shipment.
    • Coordinate with delivery partner to ensure on time pick up and successful delivery.

Tracking Numbers

SLA: 1 business day

  • Tracking numbers will be synced back to corresponding e-commerce platform orders after the orders have been fulfilled (packed).
  • Usually same day, latest by next business day.


Self-Pick Up

SLA: 1 business day

  • Request placed by 10AM can be arranged.
  • Otherwise, order will be ready for pick up by next business day.


AllSome Support

SLA: 1st response within 1 business day.

  • Request will be handled through AllSome ticketing system.

If you have encountered any difficulty in registering the account, please notify your Key Account Manager or submit a ticket by clicking on New Support Ticket button above.

Thank you.