After you have signed up, it's time for you to setup profile for the product that you're selling. 

There are some simple requirements as below:

  1. Every product variety needs a SKU.
  2. Each SKU must be unique.
  3. SKU should be something you can remember or reference easily. For example, MI-BAG-BK for Xiao Mi Bag with black color.
  4. A product profile can have multiple SKUs in a logical way. For example, you can build the same model of bag in one product profile, such as "MI-BAG-BK" and "MI-BAG-YL".

Please follow steps below to create product profile

Step 1: Login

Log onto AllSome Dock by entering your username, password and security code (show in the image) at:

After login, you can navigate from (Left Menu) Navigation > Product > Create Data

Step 2: Fill up product basic information - Main Image

Please upload at least one photo of the product. This image will be used for AllSome to identify the product when we receive the inventory.

Click on Choose File and browse the image.

Step 3: Fill up product basic information

Step 4: Enter product code

For product code, you can put it as your parent SKU. For example MI-BAG-10L.

Step 5(a): Build product variety

To generate variety, under Variety / Option, enter all the variety option and separate with comma. 

For example: Black, Mixed Blue, Mint Green, Yellow

Then, click on Generate Variety button.

If there is two variety options, fill up with the similar format to another text box.

For example (1): Black, Mixed Blue, Mint Green, Yellow

For example (2): S, M, L, XL

Step 5(b): Fill product variety - Variety Title

Enter corresponding variety title for the variety. For example: Color / Size / Model / Type

Step 5(c): Fill product variety - Variety SKU

All SKUs must be unique to differentiate from one to another.

You can view our blog of how to create a good SKU:

You can view our video of how to create a good SKU:

Step 5(d): Fill product variety - Variety Image

This image is very useful for AllSome to cross check the product with image. Please kindly help to enter an image URL of the product. 

Step 5(e): Fill product variety - Variety Storage Dimension

Enter the storage dimension for the corresponding item. 

Storage dimension is calculated by width (meter) x height (meter) x length (meter). For example the product is 20cm x 20cm x 5cm, the storage dimension = 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.05 = 0.002

Step 6: Create Product - Completed

After all information has been completed, click on Create Product button.


If you have encountered any difficulty in creating the product profile, please notify your Key Account Manager or submit a ticket by clicking on New Support Ticket button above.

Thank you.